For buyers

So, how does it work?

First time buying a home, or need a refresher?
Here’s what you can expect when you reach out to me.


If you’re pre-approved, we’ll talk about the range of your budget, and get really crisp on the number that’s comfortable, realistic and still allows you to live a full life outside of mortgage payments.

If you aren’t pre-approved, I’ll connect you with a few stellar local lenders. I refer them because they’re shrewd, dogged and creative, and have excellent reputations – the person you want in your corner on offer day.

Recently sold properties

Below are a few of my recent sales representing the buyers. I guide my clients through their home search with a hands on, educational approach; my method is to teach my clients so thoroughly about a home that they feel completely comfortable writing a competitive offer, as they deeply understand the intricacies, condition, and cost of future work. We often beat out multiple other offers and win without being the highest, by having done the most due diligence and offering the cleanest, most compelling terms. I get my clients into homes they love by deeply educating them, negotiating on their behalf and helping them to write beautiful, powerful offers. 

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